Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hi Guys the purpose of my blog is to educate men about how the prostate relates directly to their sexlife. So I will be writing about my day to day massages, things that I think are interesting or funny.
Okay I have a customer that has been coming to me for over a year. He is very into having his prostate stimulated.He could have just his prostate stroked for the entire hour.
So it is a friday morning he comes in we talk for a while, he showers then he makes himself comfortable on my table. I begin to do his full body massage, which is what ever customer gets b4 I start the prostate massage.
I start the prostate massage by massage the outer prostate first that usually gets the guys relaxed. Then I put on my rubber gloves and apply lube to my middle finger, and insert it into the anus until I reach the prostate.
Once I reach the prostate. I slowly move my finger back and forth and up and down lightly pressing on the prostate.
I also continue to massage the outer prostate.
I will massage your prostate with you on your stomach for about 15 mins then I have u to turn over.
Now I dont know if you guys know this or not, but a prostate massage orgasm is very intense.
Most guys shoot their load and it usually lands on their chest.
Well today I was massaging this guys prostate he was on his back.
I could feel his prostate swelling his leggs were shaking. I began to press on his prostate and the guy shot his load dead in his eye!! damn boy don't shoot your eye out.
But that is just one example of how intense this massage can be

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