Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prostate Massage by Angel

Hello guys My name is Angel. I live in the downriver area of Michigan about 20 mins fro downtown Detroit.
I am a Massage therapist that specializes in prostate massage.
I have been doing this for about 2 years now.
Many of you may wonder how I got into doing this.
Well about 10 years ago Iwas dating a guy and I have always been very open minded when it comes to sex.
So one night my boyfriend asks me to stick my finger in his butt.
I am like what why do wnat men to do that.
So he says I am going to show u something. So I proceeded to stick my finger up his but while he was lying on his back. then he began to tell me what to do. So I took my middle finger and I moved it around until I felt something that was like a little hard acorn. My boyfriend began to tell me to push on it and stroke it just like I would like my clit to be touched.
that was my first time doing it but the way he came just from me touching his prostate made me want to do this to him all the time.
Well we broke up and I had neve touched a prostate again until summer of 2007.
Now I am a professional Prostate Massage Therapist please read my flyer below


  1. Fellas,
    I am a fairly new customer of Angel's but I told her I would post because I feel that it might be important for those of you who are unsure of this. It really works!
    I'll start at the beginning. I was on Craigslist looking for some appliances and you know how when your ADD kicks in you wander all over the place? Well I stumbled upon Angel's ad and it just JUMPED off the page at me.
    I poked around the links that she had there and wondered at first, why would someone want THAT??? But the more I read, the more interested I became. I'm not going to go into all those details now, but do yourself a favor and visit the links that she provides.
    Mind you, prior to this, I had NEVER even came close to considering something like this. I read on, became curious and then my interest piqued when I read about all of the extra benefits of regular prostate massage. I hadn't been having any troubles sexually, but I thought hey, if I'm already a GOOD lover, why not be a GREAT lover? I nervously gave her a call and set up my first appoinment. Poor Angel...
    I met her at her studio apartment and let me tell you guys, she is cute and warm and welcoming. Her place is spotlessly clean and also inviting. You feel welcome everytime you see her. She is funny and engaging and easy to talk to.
    She will provide you with a clean shower, towels, washcloths and shower gel. I always take my own enema (would you want to use someone else's?) so as to present myself to her in a clean manner inside AND out. C'mon guys, if you're gonna have a finger in there you can push that tiny 'lil nozzle up there. She should NEVER have to endure a horror story like she had listed here with Mr. Shat-Tastic!
    The very first time was exactly that. I mean the first time I EVER...well she relaxed me and put me at ease. (She's really good at that!) I may have been TOO relaxed (drank a little too much liquid courage!) so the first time I didn't cum. She said that sometimes happens but on the ride home I kept thinking that it was overall a pleasant experience.
    Well, after some more research and reading, I decided to make another appointment. After all, how can I receive the full benefit without the full experience? The second time, I didn't need so much courage and I knew more of what to expect. Once again, she relaxed me and did that thing that she does! I won't tell you that you pass out or go into spasms but it is pretty fuckin' AMAZING!
    The average male orgasm lasts about 3-5 seconds. Go ahead, time it. A prostate orgasm can last as long as 20-30 seconds. That's an ETERNITY in orgasm time. And it's not JUST an orgasm. It's like your body quivers, your toes curl and your ENTIRE body feels great from the extra amount of endorphins that are released and the OUTSTANDING full-body massage that you've just received. (Yes, this is the science lesson part of my post!)
    Another shower and then I ask her to kick me to the curb. The whole ride home is just like a warm, calm, peaceful buzz.
    Oh, about the long-term benefits. My erections are longer both in physical length and duration. It sounds too good, but it is true. I'm not talking like 7 inches longer but most of my women have noticed and thanked Angel! My hard-ons last longer and I don't cum as quickly during sex. But boy when I cum...once again, my women thank you!
    Gentlemen, do NOT forget to tip this amazingly talented woman! She is WAY too good to charge that 'lil bit of money that she asks for with the outstanding service that she provides.
    Oh, I would've REALLY gotten into trouble if I had not mentioned a shout out to my other amazing therapist Ciara. One particular evening, Angel had a prior obligation so Ciara stepped in and did just as amazing of a job as Angel. I told them that I don't know WHAT the hell I would do if they ever teamed up on me! (maybe just a little more liquid courage)
    Fellas, do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment today!

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  3. To those customers that we have had in the field of prostate massage, no one has ever complained and instead you can see positive reviews on sensual massage that points out how great of a massage is a tantric prostate massage that could give great benefit to each male's body and sexuality.

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  5. how do I schedule an appointment and how much does it cost

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  7. how do I schedule an appointment and how much does it cost. CONTACTBMEPLEASE

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  10. Great blog .. How can I get an appointment ?

  11. I'm sorry that I'm probably sticking my nose where it don't belong but I'm bothered by theses rude ridiculous remarks I've read. I'm a woman that's been married for 13 years and I do not see anything wrong with the services this woman offers. I'm impressed that she took the time to explain how she ended up in the business along with how it benefits our men.
    Out of respect for each of us should you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. You that don't agree with a certain line of work please explain why you ended up on this page and then proceeded to read her intro. Sorry, just wanted to speak my piece, and oh, Mr Racist asshole, she can pick and choose, I'm pretty sure you creeped her out but if it was cause she didn't like your color, get over it cry baby.
    Best wishes to all.
    BTW, to Angel, thank you for providing a service to the men of this world, they need to smile a little more

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