Saturday, February 20, 2010

How I Got Started

Hello this is Angel your Prostate Massage Guru.
The number 1 question that I am asked daily is how did u get started?
Well I will glad to share this story with you.
I was working for an automotive company one of the big 3.
I had been there for 8 years i was a salaried employee.
Well one day they decided to let me and my whole department go well there was only 7 of us but we were let go.
So after the severence pay was all spent I was like oh shit what can I do to make some decent money quick?
So I started scoping out the massage section on Craigslist and there were so many I was like how and why would they pick me out of these girls.
SO I had to brainstorm I said u need a niche something that makes u stand out something that is different and not being offered.
Then it came to me PROSTATE MASSAGE!
I ran an ad I did not put my phone number I just left my email address.
the next morning I had 35 emails I then scheduled 7 appointments on my first day.

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