Sunday, June 2, 2013


OK guys sorry but I posted something in my ad.
It says black men need not call  let me list the reasons
Oh but first let me say I have several black men that I see on a regular basis.
Number 1 Yo baby you fucking? asks the caller
Number 2 I get phone call all hours of the nite up til 4 am it clearly says don't call after nine pm
Number 3 how much to for head at 2 in the am
Number 4 You schedule an appointment you either don't show up or you call me 30 mins after your appointment time and say I am on my way.
Number 5 oh for 100 dollars I want some pussy.
And that is just the phone calls
I will not even tell you what happens in person
no pay, rude, wont tip not that you have to. but if its 75 dollars and you demand 5 dollars change from me and get violent about it come on
So if my ad offends anyone sorry but I need to protect myself
And I am a black female And I shoud not be disrespected by my own race of men

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Penile Vacuum Therapy

Hi GUYS I was just wondering what are your views on this type of therapy.
I am thinking of adding this device to my services.
check it out and let me know what u think

Pos-T-Vac is a leader in the non-surgical treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) known as Vacuum Therapy. Vacuum Therapy is a safe and very effective non-surgical means of helping a man produce erections suitable for sexual intercourse. It does not require medication, injections, or surgery and is effective in treating Erectile Dysfunction due to many different causes. This treatment has become one of the most popular solutions to the problem of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). An erection is achieved by first, placing the penis in a vacuum cylinder, creating a vacuum which generates blood flow into the penis, which causes engorgement and rigidity. The natural erection is held by our tension ring, which restricts the flow of blood back out of the penis. Using this system, an erection can be safely maintained for up to 30 minutes.

It’s important to understand that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is often a symptom of an underlying physical problem and is usually not primarily psychological. Occasionally the physical cause may be serious.

Pos-T-Vac is pleased to offer you and your partner a safe, effective and affordable treatment for this frustrating problem (ED). A solution in seconds not hours.

Vacuum Therapy

couple_golfVacuum Therapy has become one of the most popular solutions to the problem of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Physicians have prescribed thousands of these systems for patients who prefer a safe and effective alternative to implant surgery or oral medication. The satisfaction rate among men and their partners is very high. Vacuum Therapy is also the most affordable of the major accepted treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Vacuum Therapy is a simple mechanical means of producing an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. It does not require medication, injections, or surgery and is effective in treating Erectile Dysfunction(ED) due to virtually every underlying cause.

Tension Ring Therapy

The Ring Kits are designed to treat men who have difficulty maintaining their erections. They effectively prevent the loss of an erection, and help delay premature ejaculation. This treatment, for certain men, is prescribed by physicians as a safe and effective alternative to implant surgery.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are You supposed to eat that???

Ok guys I need your feedback on this one please.
Is this a common thing or not?
I have had a few guys that want to eat their own pre-cum and cum.Yup you read that shit right
they want to eat their own cum and I was about to barf damn that is not normal to me.
Or maybe it is just me I dont know, but I have had a few guys that are really into this I just think I may barf. HELP

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Okay guys In my line of work I get some really strange calls and requests no biggie.
But this one was the icing on the cake.
So my phone rings I look at the caller Id it says DMC.
I am thinking oh maybe it is 1 of the many doctors that comes to see me.
So I answer and this guy is on the line and he starts to explain his medical condition to me.
the guy is actually in the hospital down in detroit.
He has had several seguries in the prostate area.
He begins to tell me he needs to release. He says he has not had a release in a year.
Now all the while he is talking I am thinking dude u in the damn hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses what the fuck do u think I can do for u.
But u know I still listen to him and let him finish his story.
So the jist of this phone call was the guy wanted me to come to the hospital and give him a prostate massage.
But of course all I would of had to bring would have been lube because there are plenty of rubber gloves in the hospital rooms.
[oh whenever I visit people in th e hospital I still all the rubber gloves in their rooms]
But anyway can u imagine me busting up in th ehospital saying all u Doctors I know u gone to school for 15 years but I here now .
I am going to get this patients right.
Move out of my way.
Could u imagin I got this guy flipped over on his stomach I am up on his hospital bed with my finger up his butt and any of the hospital staff walking in on me.
I think I would go to jail.
But this guy has called me several times since.
trying to get me to come to the hospital
maybe he is in the psyche ward.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey Guys I just wanted to chat a little about lube and the different kinds on the market.
I have tried them all I think lol.
Well to start I first used Ky jelly warming sensation. yea that went over real well.
The first guy was like his buthole was on fire. He said it was burning really bad.
I thought he was just being winey. So I got a washcloth with cool water and helped him out.
Then the next guy came in, and after I was finished with his massage. He told me he thought his prostate was on fire. He jumping up and down and fanning his ass. the guy turned brite red in the face. ok No go.
Next up was this lube that had a desensitizer in it.
{I think this lube was for gay sex or anal sex.}
Well my first customer of the day comes in I ask him if he has ever had a prostate massage b4
he responds no. So I think perfect he is a virgin he probably needs the desensitizing lube here we go.
I am doing his massage we are talking,we have a good conversation flow going he seems relaxed.
So I start his prostate massage I squeeze a little lube on my finger. Since I am in virgin territory I massage around his butthole for a while to get him comfortable then I insert my finger and start to massage his prostate. Well he seems pretty quiet so I ask him how is everything and he says I cant feel anything. I am like what? This guy tells me he is completly numb Cant fell a thing.I am like Damn This is fucked up
So I have him to turn over on his back .This guy TELLS me he feels like I put novacaine up his ass.
Okay toss that lube in the garbage
So others that I have tried
Boy Butter
Navy Swiss
Fruity booty
Anal ease
and man grease
but the best lube is
Astroglide and boy butter.
Oh And guys feel free to chime in
tell me what u think
do u have a favorite lube.
lets talk

Friday, March 12, 2010


Okay everyday every guy asks this question.
What is the mas sage like? what happens during the massage? How do u perform the massage?
Well here it is.
Okay usually the guys start to call me around 10am.
I take the first appointment at 1130. If you want earlier than that call me the day b4.
So the guy arrives at my studio, I introduce Myself to him. next I offer him the use of my showers where there is fresh towels and shower gel for them to choose from. {And guys if you have not showered that day u need to shower b4 I touch u. if u have been at work allday uneed to take a shower when you arrive.} Okay while th e guy is in the shower. I warm up the oil and light the candles.
I have the customer to lay on my table then I begin the massage.
I start with problem areas every guy gets a full body massage and a prostate massage.
After Ihave given the customer an allover body massage I begin to do the prostate massage.
I grab a glove and my lube and my warm oil.
I pour warm oil down the crack of their but letting the warm oil trickle down to the testicles.
then I take my hands and massage the buttocks and inner thighs using my nails very gently.
then I proceed to massage the outer prostate which all the guys say feels wonderful.
Once I feel that th e guy is relaxed. I begin the prostate massage while he is on his stomach.
I put my latex glove on and use a lot of lube,Then I enter my finger into the anus very gently until I feel the prostate.
Once I feel it Ibegin to press lightly on it and massage my finger back and forth and in circles.
I am also rubbing the outer prostate at the same time.
after I have done this threapeutic portion of the massage. I Have the guys turnover on their back and, I do a full body masage. then I do the prostate massage ,with them on their back.
most of the guys really like this part of the massage.
they are usually stroking their cock while I am massaging the prostate and they always have an amazing orgasm.


Hey guys I just want to stress the most important thing that needs to be done b4 u come to see me for an appointment.
If you have not showered that day please do so when u arrive. I provide towels and soap and A shower dont be afraid to use it, and dont make me tell u to shower please. But guys please read the above link or u will not receive the full benefits of the prostate massage.
And this is the reason for this particular post.
Okay I had a guy to come in a few days ago. He was a very large guy, but that does not matter. I have a lot of larger guys, and they are all clean but damn this one.
The minute I climbed up on the table,and I started to massage his ass. I smelled stank ass. So I grabbed my flushable wipes and wiped his big ass clean, so I thought.
I continued to massage him then I proceeded to glove up and grab my lube.
I inserted my finger inside and it was very hot, and thick I could not reach his prostate.
Guys u know I am a trooper so I continued to try to massage his prostate. I could not find it but I guess I was on it, because he was moaning. I pulled my finger out a little bit to reposition it and it was brown. I almost gagged nasty mutherfucker.
He was hunching and wiggling and everything smelled like shit. I had shit all the way down to my knuckles.
So I stopped took off my glove and grabbed more wiped to clean up all the shit had comeout of his ass.
So the guy asks me why I am so quiet. I am like I cant fucking breathe damn.
The whole room stunk. I have to cancel the rest of my appointments.
This was the most awful thing I ever experienced.
But I kept my cool and finished the massage, and put him on my list as a dna.
do not answer when he calls.
So guys please please follow that link.