Friday, March 12, 2010


Hey guys I just want to stress the most important thing that needs to be done b4 u come to see me for an appointment.
If you have not showered that day please do so when u arrive. I provide towels and soap and A shower dont be afraid to use it, and dont make me tell u to shower please. But guys please read the above link or u will not receive the full benefits of the prostate massage.
And this is the reason for this particular post.
Okay I had a guy to come in a few days ago. He was a very large guy, but that does not matter. I have a lot of larger guys, and they are all clean but damn this one.
The minute I climbed up on the table,and I started to massage his ass. I smelled stank ass. So I grabbed my flushable wipes and wiped his big ass clean, so I thought.
I continued to massage him then I proceeded to glove up and grab my lube.
I inserted my finger inside and it was very hot, and thick I could not reach his prostate.
Guys u know I am a trooper so I continued to try to massage his prostate. I could not find it but I guess I was on it, because he was moaning. I pulled my finger out a little bit to reposition it and it was brown. I almost gagged nasty mutherfucker.
He was hunching and wiggling and everything smelled like shit. I had shit all the way down to my knuckles.
So I stopped took off my glove and grabbed more wiped to clean up all the shit had comeout of his ass.
So the guy asks me why I am so quiet. I am like I cant fucking breathe damn.
The whole room stunk. I have to cancel the rest of my appointments.
This was the most awful thing I ever experienced.
But I kept my cool and finished the massage, and put him on my list as a dna.
do not answer when he calls.
So guys please please follow that link.


  1. This is why god invented enemas. A few bolles if Fleet work well to clean all out. A bag enema is even better.

  2. So true. Preparation and cleaning MUST be done before massage.

  3. How do I find Angel ? I never had this type service b4 and sounds like it would be very helpful... If she is Still in this career I would like to know &or find someone else who does these massages. Can someone contact me

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