Friday, March 12, 2010


Okay everyday every guy asks this question.
What is the mas sage like? what happens during the massage? How do u perform the massage?
Well here it is.
Okay usually the guys start to call me around 10am.
I take the first appointment at 1130. If you want earlier than that call me the day b4.
So the guy arrives at my studio, I introduce Myself to him. next I offer him the use of my showers where there is fresh towels and shower gel for them to choose from. {And guys if you have not showered that day u need to shower b4 I touch u. if u have been at work allday uneed to take a shower when you arrive.} Okay while th e guy is in the shower. I warm up the oil and light the candles.
I have the customer to lay on my table then I begin the massage.
I start with problem areas every guy gets a full body massage and a prostate massage.
After Ihave given the customer an allover body massage I begin to do the prostate massage.
I grab a glove and my lube and my warm oil.
I pour warm oil down the crack of their but letting the warm oil trickle down to the testicles.
then I take my hands and massage the buttocks and inner thighs using my nails very gently.
then I proceed to massage the outer prostate which all the guys say feels wonderful.
Once I feel that th e guy is relaxed. I begin the prostate massage while he is on his stomach.
I put my latex glove on and use a lot of lube,Then I enter my finger into the anus very gently until I feel the prostate.
Once I feel it Ibegin to press lightly on it and massage my finger back and forth and in circles.
I am also rubbing the outer prostate at the same time.
after I have done this threapeutic portion of the massage. I Have the guys turnover on their back and, I do a full body masage. then I do the prostate massage ,with them on their back.
most of the guys really like this part of the massage.
they are usually stroking their cock while I am massaging the prostate and they always have an amazing orgasm.


  1. I just wanted to tell y'all about the long-lasting benefits of prostate massage. I had been a customer of Angel's for a relatively short while, but I went pretty frequently. (About once a week for a couple months). I recently got a new girlfriend and haven't had a lot of time to see Angel.(Sorry baby...) But since seeing Angel, my erections are longer both in duration AND length and my stamina is PHENOMINAL! (Girlfriend thanks Angel) ;) For awhile, I thought that I may have had a medical problem down there because I would cum almost immediately after insertion. I have since found that part of that may have been psychological because of my previous partner. But since Angel "got me right" and I got rid of my old baggage, I am a fuckin' MACHINE. (Girlfriend thanks Angel again!) I will be back to see her 'just because'. Besides fellas...she's a lot of fun to be around. See you soon honey!

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  3. I've never had this done, but it sounds amazing! Just a couple questions, is there any discomfort? I've never had anything in my ass before. Also I'm curious as to what will be happening while you are massaging my prostate, specifically concerning ejaculating. Will this cause me to leak precum or ejaculate without me touching my penis?

  4. Effleurage : always perfomed in a centripetal direction.
    -- Stroking : can follow by any direction needs contact and continuity throughout.Massage Prague