Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey Guys I just wanted to chat a little about lube and the different kinds on the market.
I have tried them all I think lol.
Well to start I first used Ky jelly warming sensation. yea that went over real well.
The first guy was like his buthole was on fire. He said it was burning really bad.
I thought he was just being winey. So I got a washcloth with cool water and helped him out.
Then the next guy came in, and after I was finished with his massage. He told me he thought his prostate was on fire. He jumping up and down and fanning his ass. the guy turned brite red in the face. ok No go.
Next up was this lube that had a desensitizer in it.
{I think this lube was for gay sex or anal sex.}
Well my first customer of the day comes in I ask him if he has ever had a prostate massage b4
he responds no. So I think perfect he is a virgin he probably needs the desensitizing lube here we go.
I am doing his massage we are talking,we have a good conversation flow going he seems relaxed.
So I start his prostate massage I squeeze a little lube on my finger. Since I am in virgin territory I massage around his butthole for a while to get him comfortable then I insert my finger and start to massage his prostate. Well he seems pretty quiet so I ask him how is everything and he says I cant feel anything. I am like what? This guy tells me he is completly numb Cant fell a thing.I am like Damn This is fucked up
So I have him to turn over on his back .This guy TELLS me he feels like I put novacaine up his ass.
Okay toss that lube in the garbage
So others that I have tried
Boy Butter
Navy Swiss
Fruity booty
Anal ease
and man grease
but the best lube is
Astroglide and boy butter.
Oh And guys feel free to chime in
tell me what u think
do u have a favorite lube.
lets talk


  1. Crisco. The original and the best.... and CHEAP!

  2. Coconut oil is the best for lubricity while maintaining feel.
    Get "Refined" to avoid particles of coconut feeling like grit.